Friday, January 14, 2011

A Few Small Things

Photo: Snowy Road

Spent quite a few hours today on the business side of things.  Surprisingly uplifting and not at all the chore that it usually is.  I have quite the system by now.  Runs more smoothly than it used to.

Odd thought of the day: I was at my father's house, helping to shovel him out, when I realized that he has a small shed with working plug outlets.  And I thought: What a great place to write those scenes for the concentration camp novel and The Gravediggers and a couple of others that call for really cold, desolate scenes.  I really would sit in that shed (it's got a working light, too) with my laptop that I could plug into the wall if I had to.  I can see myself doing that, even for many hours or many days.  Only writers would look forward to doing this.  As I mentioned a few times lately on this blog, we're all a little crazy.

Office and basement are both a bit better, though the desk could use a de-cluttering again.  But I can read and work more in the basement than I used to.  Now I have two places in the house to work; not too bad.

Scrivener is working well, but it expires on me on January 30th.  They'll probably ask me to renew for the $40.  I'll do it.  Hell, I've spent more than $40 in two weeks at Dunkin' Donuts!  (I'm probably not exaggerating.)

These are all small things, but in this business, it's the small happinesses that lead to much bigger things.

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