Monday, January 3, 2011

You Are What You Feel Like

Photo: Fish Stuck in Fence after Hurricane Ike, Associated Press photo by Eric Gay

Let's talk about my office.  You would think that a writer would be able to write anywhere--even should be able to write anywhere--and that his office is just a place to save things, to file things, to send stuff out...But for me, I have to feel comfortable and writerly in my office, even if I do most of my writing out of the office.  Isn't that strange?

So I've mostly cleaned off the desk, cleared out some non-essential books--if there can be such things--and cleared off the writing desk that I actually do some writing on.  (I mostly use this desk because of the computer, which I use to type my blogs, save things, send stuff out, and other business-like things.)  I've even placed the keyboard in a more comfortable and productive position, one that it's never been in before.)  Now that I've done all this, I feel more the urge to write, even though I know most of the writing won't be done in here.  I know that's weird, but creating is all about feeling, right?  You are what you feel like.  It's just like how I have a favorite shirt I wear to write in.  Makes me feel more like writing.  We're all a little crazy.

I also put my first contract (for a short story) on my office door, so that I look at it now everyday.  (It'd been standing on the air conditioner, which is off to the side, easily visible but not in the middle of everything.)  Shows me that I can get it done, no matter the rejections, the unproductive days, and anything else that makes me lose that feeling.  Because you really are what you feel like.

My office is all set for now.  I'm ready.  Bring it on.

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