Saturday, January 15, 2011


I just--and I'm talkin' like ten minutes ago--started up a QueryTracker account.  One of the free ones, of course, but it looks like it'll be very useful in terms of keeping track of my business correspondence.  I do that myself, but it is quite the chore for me.  I'm simply not as organized as I should be, so why not see what it can do?  It has a lot of basic stuff: website info., info. for blogs, lists of favorite books and authors. 

It makes you rate authors and books, though, which is silly.  I don't know about anyone else, but my likes and dislikes change frequently, and my favorite anything is based solely on my mood at the time.  I'm likin' Dan Simmons right now more than anyone, and so right now he's my favorite, but I'm probably not going to put him in Shakespeare's class anytime soon.  What gets me is that QueryTracker makes you rate them; it's not an option.  Ridiculous.  So the first author I listed at #1, and the first book I listed at #1, was "These are not in any actual order."  This makes perfect sense to me; what follows then is a list of my favorites without acknowledging any #1 favorite.  This I am willing to do.  I'm setting it all up for the exposure to the website and blog anyway, and for the convenience of organizing my literary business correspondence.  If you want to know what books I like, check me out on Goodreads!  (In fact, do that.  I'm told my reviews are okay, and I've got an eclectic list.)

So I'll see how convenient the thing is, and how well it organizes my business, and I'll get back to ya.

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