Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Short Story Sale--"Everything's Connected" to Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online

Just a quick self-serving note:

The rights to my short story, "Everything's Connected"--about a detective who catches a cheating spouse in the act, solves a kid's disappearance, and proves a little theoretical quantum physics--all in fewer than 2,000 words!--has been purchased by Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online.  There are some pretty cool stories there now--lots and lots of them, in fact.  And they're all free!  So if you like quick and easy (and short) mystery stories, or stories of murder and mayhem, check them out at overmydeadbody.com.

This is awesome for me personally for two reasons.  The first thing is that Brad Foster, the main character of this story, is also the main character of a novel manuscript, Cursing the Darkness (Working Title), that is maybe 90% completed.  So Brad Foster will see the light of day.  Though it should be noted that the short story is very light, while the novel is very, very, very (many more veries) dark, gritty and brutal.  But his character is essentially the same.

The second reason this sale is awesome is because it's a mystery story in a mystery magazine: yet another different genre for me to be published in.  So far, the stories I've published, their location (and link), and their genre:

--"Everything's Connected," in Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine Online.  Mystery.  Publication date TBA.
--"The Zombie's Lament" by Big Pulp.  Anthology due April 2015.  Horror.
--"So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season," in onthepremises.com.  March 2012.  Contemporary / literary.
--"An Old Man."  Poem.
--"Someone To Come Home To."  Short nonfiction article about the benefits of adopting a greyhound.
--"Hide the Weird," in Space and Time Magazine, Issue #116 of Fall 2012.

It ain't Stephen King, but it ain't nuthin', either, I guess.

Look for a publication date soon for "Everything's Connected."

Click on the Published Work link above for more details.

As always, thanks for reading my blog, my stories, everything.  I always appreciate (and need) your support. 


  1. Hah Mmm just realised what a spaz I am, as now I see the a publication date for "Everything's connected" is tba! You'd think I'd read more carefully, guess I was just eager for a fresh mystery!

    1. Thanks for adding that again. My original response was:

      That's right, Dreki. In the list of sold pieces, above, it says that the publication date of this story is TBA. Once I know it, I'll post about it, and then I'll enter it on the tab of the blog of my published works.

      But thanks for your interest! The publication date should be in a month or so.

  2. /taps her foot
    Lol nah guess I can last that long!

  3. Hopefully I'll have news about other sales before that one happens!

  4. I know I said I was going to wait, but there was a lull last night and I couldn't resist peeking, so I read "So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season"

    It was very dark at first, and you're not really sure what's going on, what's to come. Like it hints, and you know it's not going to be good - but with a growing morbid fascination you keep reading because you know it's going to be like a train wreck!

    Then boom! He's stood up for himself, and my soul just wants to fist pump a yes! Because no one should be a door mat! I admit a little part of me, is like aww you shouldn't do that to someone you supposedly love -- but then she supposedly loved him and look what she's done! But like him, I trash and squish that bit down cos well YES!

    1. Thanks for reading it, Robyn, and thanks for your nice comments!