Monday, July 7, 2014

Jaws and Me

What better way to remember the Fourth of July just past than to look at some Jaws pics and then watch the movie?

And so here are just a few pics of me at the Jaws section of Terror.con.

First, the Closed Beach sign, and a close-up of Spielberg's autograph:

And here's one with me standing in front of the yellow air barrels that didn't pull Jaws to the surface:

Remember the one-eyed dead guy who slumped out of the hole in his sunken boat and caused Richard Dreyfuss to drop the tooth?  (This caused the mayor to famously say that Dreyfuss's character wanted to see himself on the cover of the next National Gee-O-Graphic.)

And finally, one of Susie (Real name: Susan Backlinie), the memorable blonde victim who opened the film.  And some dorky-looking balding guy who really should've shaved:

That's it!  Hope you had a good Fourth!  If you'd like, leave a comment about your favorite line or part of Jaws.


  1. I think my second comment went something like :

    What was your fav thing you got at the terror con? I've been to fantasy cons but I didn't know there was a terror one, pretty cool - though I maybe couldn't sleep for a week afterwards lol. Do people dress up there too?

    I think I also said something about filmmakers not dating anymore, because they don't seem to understand the importance of anticipation anymore. Think that's why I don't watch a lot of movies anymore - they want to show you everything, rather than teasing your imagination. As good as effects are these days, none of them are ever going to beat my imagination!

    1. Dreki, thanks for replying again. Sorry for the mishap. My original response, which I also deleted, went like this:

      That's very true, Dreki. I think the suspense field has gone flat in the last generation or so. (Maybe since...The Silence of the Lambs?) Replacing it has been an immediate gratification love affair with special effects, violence, action, gore...But, at the same time, I like many of the films in those genres, and complaining like I just did made me feel that I sound like a grandparent, talking about how things've changed since the good ole days, whining about how loud the music is these days...

      As Billy Joel said, "The good ole days weren't always good / Tomorrow's not as bad as it seems..."

    2. And my other one went like this:

      My favorite item from the TerrorCon was...the autograph pictures and the huge Dark Knight posters I got. The Pulp Fiction poster I didn't get still haunts me...

      But I've learned to save my money, too. I'm going to the next con here in November. William Shatner and tons of others will be there. It costs more to go, so I'm saving already.