Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deleted Comments---My Bad

Ummm...Yeah. turns out that when you delete comments from the published folder, you also delete them from the blog itself.  Didn't know that.  Doesn't make sense to me, because once you've posted them, why are they still tethered to the published folder?  Wish I knew that before I deleted the last 50 or so comments...

Well, anyway, I am working hard to find these comments again and re-post them.  I'm taking this very seriously, since if people are nice enough to take their precious time to read my blog and post a comment, they shouldn't get said comments deleted.

I especially apologize to Dreki, who has posted quite a few comments recently, and after a bit of a hassle.  I'm working hard to get those back.  And I apologize to Diane, who lost the most comments.  I'm sorry this happened.

So please rest assured everyone that I am working hard to resolve this problem.  If you have any advice to give about how I can do this, please leave me an email at sb[at], or leave a comment below.  I promise not to delete those, too.

If you've commented on my website since February 2013 (!!!), and if you still have a copy of it on your computer somewhere, please either send it to me and I'll take care of it (though I'd rather not have to do that), or just re-post it yourself if you don't trust my computer savvy.  I wouldn't blame you. If you don't want to do anything because you're as disgusted as I am with the whole thing, I wouldn't blame you for that, either.


  1. Don't be disgusted, sometimes you just hot to laugh :) I'm personally glad it's not just me that has these sort of moments ^.^

    1. What? Sometimes I'm just hot? Waddaya mean--Sometimes? Just kidding; I see that's a typo. Anyway, no, I have these sorts of moments all the time--if not with computers, than with something else. For example, in the last couple of days I temporarily misplaced Chapter 26 of my novel, and a few hundred bucks for my patio. Found them both, but I was fully aware of my "moments" at the time. That sucked!

    2. Well am glad you found them! And of course you're hot, if is summer over there after all ;) lol

      Guess I don't need to warn you I'm the queen of typos lol :/

    3. It is indeed summer over here. But if I'm hot only because it's summer, then actually I'm not hot right now--I'm humid...Hasn't really gotten hot here yet, but I'm cranking the Central Air because it's been so humid. Sticky and rainy right now, too.

      How's the winter treating you in Australia right now?