Friday, February 4, 2011

Red Room and Author's Den

I'm not one for unabashed advertising.  In fact, (right) before I changed the format of this blog, I promised some good folks that I would somehow incorportate their blogs or sites onto mine, in an unabashed show of e-friendship and writerly patriotism.  I've done that for a few, not for all, and I feel sorta bad for it.  I apologize to them again; I promise to do what I can.

But I pause here now to tell all the writers who read this blog that they should consider getting an account on Red Room and/or Author's Den.  There are many reasons for this, all beneficial to a writer:

1.  You'll get noticed.  Already more people have seen my Red Room page--in just a couple of days--then there would be people noticing me here over a longer length of time.

2.  Other professional authors have such accounts and pages.  I'm talkin' Salman Rushdie here.  (I saw his.)

3.  They're considered a professional portfolio addition kind of thing.

4.  You can post your published (or, for many, self-published) titles on there, as well as the webpages you're selling them on.  Very convenient.

5.  You can put your announcements on there, too, which can range from "I just sold a short story," to "I just finished a new novel and it's ready for representation."  Of course, you can put much bigger literary news up there, too.  Like, "I just agreed to a contract with an agency."  If you're going to a convention, or booksigning, or anything else, you can announce that, too.

6.  You can publish previously unpublished works, like I did with "Shadows" here.  Of course, you cannot publish previously published works there, or anywhere else, unless it's been long enough for the rights to come back to you.

7.  You can publish previously unpublished articles, poems, etc. as well.  See disclaimer above.

8.  Red Room gives you a free blog, too.  Author's Den makes you upgrade (reads: pay) for one.

9.  Writers and readers who take writing and reading seriously are on there, not just web-surfers.

10.  The most important reason: My stuff is there!  See my links at the top of this page.  Check 'em out!

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