Saturday, February 26, 2011

Graves and Gravediggers

Photo: Crypt, in West Greenwich Cemetery #2, where bodies were placed until the ground thawed.

Please click on the Flickr link above to see 75 photos (many of them creepy) I took to go look at for locals, descriptions, and just the overall feel for some scenes in The Gravediggers.  Of particular interest, and use for the story, is the crypt you'll see from a distance and close-up.

I made sure not to stand directly in front of any stone, so that I wasn't standing directly over somebody.  And any graves knocked over, or etched into, or otherwise defaced were not done so by me.  I take particular care with such things.  I am seriously offended when I see defaced or knocked-over graves.  This happened in a little cemetery on my father's street.  The descendants of the buried people had giant hedges planted in front of the cemetery, thereby hiding it from the little side street.  Sure enough, local teens entered, knocked them all down, piled them all in one or two corners, and used it as a pot den.  If I ever catch any of the ones who did that...

The work on the WIP is coming along really well.  I've decided that it's to be epistolary: third-person shifting POVs, past, present, diaries, journals, newspaper articles, etc.  I'm very excited about this work.  I've done a ton of research, with more to do, but it's coming along well in concept and in actuality.  (They don't always.  First, yes; latter, no so much.)  I look forward to working, editing, writing, researching, or reading about this project every day.  It's been a long time since I could say that about a novel.  And for those of you who read this blog consistently, you know I'm never at a loss for novel ideas.  But following one all the way through...

A shout out to Joe who helped with the pictures, and to Bry and Erika who helped with some reading and critiquing.  I'll put you all on the acknowledgements page...

No, really.  I will.

Gotta be positive.


  1. It always help to write something when your excited - Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Austin! I appreciate it. Onward and forward, right? Thanks for reading.