Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Wonderful Wallpaper of Words

Go to I' and to read very, very interesting posts from smart people and good writers.  I won't ruin them for you by summarizing or even explaining them.  Just go.  Fascinating stuff.

And two cheers for the web.  Often I rail against technology and how it's made many of us Stepford Thinkers, but, in all fairness, I have to admit that it is a wonderful wallpaper of words for those who either truly have something to say, or for those who cannot reach out to the world in any other way, for whatever physical, psychological or emotional reasons they have.  And it is a treasure trove for the curious.  I now want to spend an entire day blog-reading.  Just today I read about living in a small, old city on the Aegean, sitting on beautifully grassy fields and mountains with a good dog, building a library in an ancient abode amidst a civilization that dates back thousands of years.  (Spoiler!  Spoiler!  That's camelbarnlibrary.)

This in turn has made me a little more productive at work: I'm more proactive with my time there so I can write and read a lot more here.  Truth be told.  It is a minor revolution for those who like to read and think.

So kudos to the Internet, and to the two bloggers I mentioned, and to the thousands of other high-quality ones.  I hope to read them all.  (And I hope for all of them to read mine!)  You can find me and other blogs on

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