Saturday, October 23, 2010

Agent Submissions

So here's what happens when you research agents.  You already have a listing generated by whatever, however.  I prefer finding novels close to the genre of mine and finding out who represented it.  But whatever works for you.  You probably know that you should never just take the info. generated by your list, that you should go to the agent/agency's website first.  So I did that, for an agency that has represented some of the biggest names in American and British literature.  I found a general address to send a package to, and I was okay with that, because I believe that my writing can sell my writing better than a query can, so I'm happy when I find a snail mail address and a guideline that says to send X number of pages with the query.  Then I decided to research specific agents so that I could send the package to one who handles mystery.  Get the Dear ---- salutation right.  Turns out, 15 agents work there.  Foul and fair, because I have more research to do, but there's bound to be one who likes mystery, maybe mystery/detective.  So...okay, turns out 3 of them do, but only one of them says to send just a query, no pages, and has an email address at the ready.  But wait, there's more.  He also has a blog.  And, turns out, a very useful and extensive one, with hundreds of settings and entries, and literally thousands of followers and friends, and he has links to other writers and agents I'm familiar with.  And...on his About Me tab, on his blog, he says to send him a query and the first five pages.  Which I prefer, and which is different than just emailing a query as the site at his company says.  Now, a few hours later, with much clenching of jaw (I have to stop doing that when I'm on the computer for many hours), and much eye-strain and headache, I composed a letter that incorporated some of the truly awesome things on his blog (no fake flattery in queries), a novel he represented that I liked, and I found a super-useful tool and I got to send some pages.  And I didn't have to snail mail them.

Many hours.  One email package for one agent at one agency.

But it's worth it.

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