Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hang In There

Fourteen straight hours on the computer yesterday, setting up a blog on a different server and severely messing it up; taking hours finding out how to delete it; setting up this blog and connecting it to my site; sending a couple of packages out; working on a short story; ready to send that, and another one, out; working on a couple of novels but not enough on any specific the end of the night I wanted to throw my computer out the window.

Balancing the business end with the actual writing is crazy; doing all that, and my labor-intensive day job--almost impossible.  Why do I say all this to you?  Because I know you're probably going through the same thing.  And you might have kids at home, too.  (I couldn't even imagine.)

So we hang in there.  We persevere.

Plug away.


  1. Hey Steve! I'm not sure which platform you started on, but I know a lot of blogspot users have started switching to wordpress. It seems to have a lot more functionality. Great to see you online! You know I love the blogsphere!

  2. Hey, Colleen! Good to hear from ya! Thanks for the tidbit. I'll see ya on the 'sphere.