Sunday, October 31, 2010

Per Diem

I need to write like other professionally published writers do: every day, for X number of hours every day, and/or for X number of words every day.  I can't just write when I'm passionately driven, or when I'm feelin' it, or in the mood, and not like clockwork every day.  I wonder if it's true, if it matters.  I've heard that established painters haven't painted every day; I read somewhere that da Vinci didn't.  I doubt if sculptors sculpt every day; rumor has it that Michelangelo didn't.  Of course, I'm not for writers as these two were for painters and sculptors, so, yeah, I need to write every day, like I do, and not just when I have the time, or when I'm in the mood.  It isn't all greatness when I write every day, but usually there's something good in it; sometimes there's nothing good in it, but something good springs from it.  And I have too much to do not to write every day.

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