Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thinking of Jackson the Greyhound

It's rare that I take almost 3 weeks off from this blog, but the job that pays the Man, and some other issues, put me in a funk and I've fallen behind.

One of the things that's set me back a little:

Let's all have some nice thoughts for Jackson the Greyhound, who had a cancerous growth removed last week. Unfortunately, the vet says she didn't get it all, so next week we have to discuss what to do. Presently he's up and around almost as much as usual, and as hungry and stubborn as ever. I ask you, does this look like an almost 14-year old greyhound who's had most of a cancerous mass removed?

So let's all wish him luck! Please have some good thoughts for this rescued greyhound and we'll see what happens.


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