Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two Quick Questions--Writing groups and writing time

Photo: Fish in a fence after Hurricane Ike.  This is representative of my anxiety re: these two questions.

Okay, a quick shout out to the readers of this blog: I have two questions I'd very much like your answers or opinions to.

1.  Writing groups.  Are you a member of one?  What are your rules, if any?  How many members are in your group?  What are you getting out of it, if anything?  I'd especially appreciate commentary about the number of people in the group, and anything at all that's mandatory about the group.  I've heard that a) smaller numbers are better, such as maybe 5 to 8 members; b) consistent attendance is mandatory, such as every other meeting, if not actually every single meeting; and c) consistent submissions to print or online markets (or contests) are mandatory, like maybe three submissions per meeting, or per month.  Whatever.  Copies of submissions, rejections, acceptances, or applications to contests or projects like NaNoWriMo are acceptable as well.

2.  Writing time.  How do you get writing done?  Where do you do it?  When do you do it?  How do you come down from the career/job, clear your head, see your characters, and start writing?  How do you find the time for submissions?  Certain days of the week?  Certain hours of the day?  Whenever?  Gimme all you got, whatever works for you.

Thanks, guys.  'preciate your time and response.  As always, thanks for reading!!!


  1. I have to admit that the submissions requirement is intimidating. I can definitely see how this could be helpful and motivating, but I'm not sure I could keep up with a group that had such a stiff requirement, at least not originally.

  2. Why not? Any submission to any print or online publication--or whatever avenue that particular writing would call for--would be allowed. This includes work, local church, area charity, etc. Plus, any contests, or whatever. And maybe just mandatory for one meeting; for example, two submissions by the meeting at the end of the month. Any writer should be able to submit something to two places per month.

  3. There are two writing groups I interact with on the Story Write website. Each group has different rules, submit one story a month, comment on at least one story a week, etc but like any social forum, it's give and take. The more mature writers are dependable and write really well but the younger ones surprise me from time to time.

    As for writing time - I find at night, right before bed is the most fertile time to write. Just write hot and edit in the morning or the next day. Though, I don't make a habit out of it, I have a pint of brew if my words sound too stiff.

  4. Do you find those online sites helpful? I'm not saying they're not; I'm just wondering how much a writer can learn from critiquing other writing on there. That's one of the peeves for me: If I'm going to take precious time out of my reading and writing time, then I want to know that it'll be beneficial to me in some way, whether it's reading good stuff, or showing me a different take on POV, or whatever.

    And there's nothing wrong with greasing the creative wheels, either, Namzola!

    Thanks for commenting. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!