Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Published Story--Finally!!! Free Contest!

photo: Cover of Spring 2012 issue of Space and Time Magazine, with my story, "Hide the Weird," inside!!!  The artist who created it is Victor Giannini.

In honor of Hall of Famer Jim Rice, #14, left fielder of the Boston Red Sox, last in the trifecta of Ted Williams, Yaz and Rice in front of the Green Monster--and a minor mention in "Hide the Weird"--I hereby announce a contest, 1st prize a free, signed copy of the current Spring 2012 issue of Space and Time Magazine with my story in it, to the fourteenth person who leaves a comment or an email (see above) with the words HIDE THE WEIRD in the beginning of the comment or email.  Please leave a name so I can contact you specifically for the address to send the issue.

"Hide the Weird" is the fourth story in the current, Spring 2012 issue of Space and Time Magazine.  Please go to www.spaceandtimemagazine.com and click on the mushroom cloud / skeleton-lounging cover (pretty cool cover, actually) to see the Table of Contents with my story.  A facsimile of the Table of Contents appears below.

Issue #116

Spring 2012
Editor’s Geeble by Hildy Silverman
  • A Test of Faith for a Couple of True Believers by Scott Edelman
  • Brain Scram by Erik Johnson
  • The Gnomes of Carrick County by John R. Fultz
  • Hide the Weird by Steven E. Belanger
  • Prisoner of War by Floris M. Kleijne
  • The Preacher Man by W.K. Tucker

  • (Haiku) by Professor Yunshen Jiang
  • Zugzwang by David M. Rheingold
  • The Innkeeper’s Dream by Sofia Rhei
  • Found by Professor Yunshen Jiang
  • Stardust by Gary Frank
  • An Interview with Kevin J. Anderson by Stephen Euin Cobb
  • Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
  • Review: By Other Means by Sam Tomaino
  • The Tale Wagging the Dog by Daniel Kimmel
  • Victor Giannini
Update: Hey, everyone--You might see that there are 14 comments already here, but some of them are mine and those of close friends who're getting a free magazine already anyway.  So the contest is still open!  Please feel free to still place a comment.  Thanks!


    1. Nice!!! Congrats. Where is the best place to pick up a copy?

      1. For you, Dusel, as a good friend of many years, I've already got one saved for ya. Just waitin' for them to come in.

    2. Congratulations again!! This is a well deserved victory for such good writer as yourself. I look forward to reading this story!

      1. Thank you, Diane. I've just been told by 36 people today that they wanted a copy, so I'm going to order another batch of 40 today or tomorrow, and I'll be very happy to send you one of those. You've been a supportive friend recently. Won't forget it!

    3. That is awesome you have so many requests! I'd like to add for anyone else interested they can find a copy at Barnes N Noble. I see the magazine sold there all the time. :)

      1. I didn't know Barnes and Noble has that in your neck of the woods! The one here doesn't carry it. That's cool to know.

        Hey, everyone! Ask your local bookstore if they carry it. Thanks!

    4. It's so lovely to share in the excitement of a story appearing in a prrestigious magazine. Well done!

      1. Thanks, Rosanne! I appreciate the congratulations!

    5. Congratulations, Steven. I won't trouble you for the mag, as I'm in UK. But It's always good to share good news with other writers. All the best for the future.

      1. Stuart, no problem at all for me. How much would it cost in postage anyway to ship one magazine across The Pond? And thanks for the congrats. I'm working hard to finish and send out other stories so that I don't turn into a one-trick pony.

    6. Congrats! Glad to see it, looking forward to reading - glad to connect with you on LINKEDIN, :)

      1. Good to connect with you, too, Roxie. And thanks for the congrats! Hey, everyone--Roxie's blog is an awesome site for newbie writers. Her latest entry has the submission needs for my very own Space and Time Magazine. Though that's just created more competition for me, it's still a cool site! :-) Seriously, it's a very informative site, which is why I'm unabashedly advertising for it!

    7. Congratulations on the story. I've never heard of the magazine which really doesn't mean much since there are many things I haven't heard of.

      An A to Z Co-Host
      Tossing It Out
      Twitter: @AprilA2Z

      1. Thanks for the congrats, Arlee. It's a cool little mag. If you'd like, check it out at www.spaceandtimemagazine.com, and click on the skeleton-lounging, mushroom cloud magazine cover. Mine is the fourth story down.

        And if I considered all of the things I didn't know, and would never know, I would worry about the use of me even getting out of bed every morning!

    8. All riiiiight! Congrats, Steven - now I can go to the newstand guys and bug them for a reason. Can't wait.

      By the way, my crappy library reserved a copy of "Weekends at Bellevue" for me. Fantastic!

    9. Thanks, Namzola! (Everyone, she has a witty, funny blog, with allusions to literary and cultural references, and issues of palm-to-the-forehead parent survival, so check it out.) Bug those newsstand guys and read Dr. Holland's book!

      Let me know what you think of my story, and of Weekends! And thanks again for the congrats!!!