Friday, February 3, 2012

The Past Seven Days

Photos: My table and chair, mentioned below.  (Notice the cool drawer in the last pic.)  Please comment or email and let me know exactly what these things are--year and model.  Guesses and approximations are okay.  Thanks!

Wrote and sent the author bio for a spec. fiction short story, "Hide the Weird," to be published THIS MONTH in Space and Time Magazine.  (Please check out the link--and I apologize for the unabashed self-promotion.)

A very short nonfiction piece, "Someone To Come Home To," accepted for publication.  Details to come.

Another short story, this one a mystery, possibly to be accepted soon.  Crossing my fingers and staying positive--which is why I mention it here to begin with.  Details to come.

Recovering from strep, which may have not completely gone away.  Overall feeling: bleh.

Bad headache last two days; it is a killer today.  So much for Friday night plans.

Getting the house ready for Round Two of tearing down wallpaper, painting the walls and treating the floors.  Lots of cleaning to do first, and organizing the clutter.  Furniture has to be moved out.  Money has to be saved and spent.  Lots of it.  It'll be worth it, though; the living room looks like a million bucks--and cost about as much.  But who knew there was a great-looking wall ready to be coated blue, and strong white oak beneath all that old carpeting?

1895 round writing table placed in the upper corner of said living room.  (Table's in great shape and was bought at a yard sale for $20.)  Area rugs bought for this, and for the small dinner table behind the couch/in front of the fireplace.  Finding these area rugs took an exasperating three-plus hours, but they came cheap and look great.  Putting all those felt things on the bottom of the furniture legs was also a chore.

Harried and exhausting part of my job accomplished on-time this past Monday, which screwed up my sleeping patterns and possibly created my current state of blah-ness.

All in all, though, a great week between posts.

How did yours go?  Please share.

And, by the way, does anyone know exactly what year and model the table (or chair) is?  Any possible idea would be appreciated.  Just throw it to me and I'll look it up.  Thanks!


  1. That is a Regency drum work table, originally used in a drawing room for embroidery or tatting purposes. Some have three slice-shaped drawers. Some have faux drawers in between the real ones. If your top is leather, it might have been replaced at some time. There are many reproductions.

    The chair of course is a Windsor, with one stretcher. For more on Windsor chairs and the love/hate stuff attached to owning them, go here:

    1. Thanks, Rosanne. I was tired of calling it "my round table." Using your information, I see that such a table normally had between 2 and 6 drawers; often there were fake drawers, and sometimes there were secret drawers. A one-drawer table was rare. They were sold between roughly 1820 and 1920, with the bulk coming between 1850-1890. Mine, at a guess, looks like 1890s.