Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holy Links and Feeds, Batman

Realized this weekend that I have several dozens of links on my computer's bookmarks, on this blog's right side, and in my Blogger Reader's subscriptions.  Holy links and feeds, Batman!

So I'm severely organizing all of these, and I'll put them all on the right side of this blog--at some point.  I've been working on this a lot, and you just can't do one thing for several hours, staring at the screen, pressing save, and blah blah blah without going a little bit nuts.  But I'm gettin' there, so have some patience.

And keep checking off to the side.  There you'll find links that I read, subscribe to, think are interesting, or find helpful to writers--and any combination of these things.

The links are not all followers of this blog, so I'm not just pimping my e-friends.  These are things I actively read, like, and/or find helpful.  Included are blogs and sites about agents, agencies, writers, and maybe one or two bloggers who are not associated with the writing, blogging, agent thing.  I mean, come on, now.  There's more to life. 

I mean, maybe.  I think there is.

Give 'em a shot.


  1. Congratulations on "Hide the World" - that's awesome news! I've been meaning to check out the rest of the interviews with Dr. Holland so I guess, now's a good a time as any.

  2. Thanks for the congrats, Namzola. The new issue with "Hide the Weird" is supposed to be out in February--which is in a few hours. So stay tuned, everyone!