Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Again, and House

Okay, got a little done.  Not too bad.  Dabbled at a few things; no new breakthroughs.  But that's okay.  The newest short story is ready to go, and so are a few others that you're probably tired of hearing about by now.  Send them out already!  I will.  After the day job tomorrow, after a meeting, I'll come back and get it done.  Very determined.  I could use more sleep tonight.  On fumes at the grad. class, but I got the three long-ish works read that I needed for the class, and I commented in my notebook and during class.  (For the writer and work, so previous blog.)

Welcome to the new visitors, by the way.  Quite a few of you guys (and gals) lately, and I've been remiss not to tip my hat and say hello.  Please feel free to leave your site or blog address in a comment (below) or email to me (see above for address) and I'll definitely see your site and say hello back.  Nice to meetcha!

Time to get REAL serious about another one of the several novels I'm working on as well.  Let's get one of those babies finished.  As a last random note, saw the DVRed episode of House from yesterday; one of the better ones of the season.  Not sure of what to make of the Amber Tamblyn character, but she sure saved his bacon today!  Looks to young to take her seriously as a soon-to-be renowned doctor, but so was 13 and no one complained about her.  For obvious reasons.  House is, by the way, the only (non-sports) television show I watch.  Period.  I watch a couple of others my better half records, but if she didn't DVR them, I wouldn't watch them.  Between the day job (which is also the night job), and the grad class, and the writers group, and the writing, and all the business for the writing, who's got the time?

Off to the writing, before I fully pass out from exhaustion.  Be good.

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