Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm All Business

Completely finished "Pink Lemonade."  It's only 3,200 words, so that bodes well.  I didn't notice--and I don't think anyone from the group observed--that I never once mentioned the first person narrator's name: Foster.  Oops.  Fixed that, and put in a small tidbit about profiling, when the ADA's giving him the case.  A few other odds and ends, and now it's done, ready to go out with "So Many Reasons..."  Things to do, things to do...

Waiting to hear on another one out there, plus a few other things.  I hate waiting for others to send things back to me.  In this business, each one could take months.  I don't get why some pros in this field still don't accept email submissions.  I would assume it would be quicker and more beneficial to both parties.  Someone will have to clear this up for me.

Also finished a couple of things about Cursing the Darkness.  Hopefully there'll be good news of that soon.  Sent out a few emails; put together a couple of packages.  All business tonight.  Little time for actual writing.

Step outside, look up, and see the meteor shower tonight.  There are more things, in heaven and in earth...It's a clear night here, and very breezy.  Perfect for watching.  Hope you catch one.  If you do, make a wish.

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