Monday, November 15, 2010


Did the job today, all day, and household things.  I'm ready for the writers group, will have the critiques ready for 7pm tomorrow, but didn't have time to send anything out or to write anything new.  I have all these ideas (and all the research you've seen recently), but no time left to do any of the writing.  Frustrating!  If good writers need to write every day, which I'm sure they do, I am not keeping up my end.  And I have so much good stuff to do!  And I have my Masters class to prepare for after the meeting tomorrow night...There just isn't enough time.


  1. I'm looking forward to writer's group too! In a life where I constantly have people in my "space" (we have had 3 people living with us for the past 7 months! And it's not the first time, and certainly not the last) writer's group is a place where I can take some "me" time. I have a whole ritual to it... I print the stories out ahead of time and scan them over before I leave work-- then I go to the panera bread on Gold Star Blvd and read them over in detail while having a soup/salad. Then I go to writer's group and listen to what the others have to say (I've learned SO much from listening to comments), and then I really enjoy the chinese food and conversation afterwards. It is such an enjoyable evening and a great group to be part of!

    1. Why not respond to a comment 2 1/2 years late?!? Hey, C., how've you been? How're the digs? I hope you're looking forward to this month's group as much as you were in November 2010! Happy New Year and all that, and I hope all is well!