Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rights to "Pink Lemonade" Sold to OverMyDeadBody.com

I'm happy to say that another short story, this time "Pink Lemonade," has been sold to OMDB!  (Well, the rights to the short story were sold, but you know what I mean.)  Anyway, the good folks over at OMDB!--namely the editor, Ms. Cherie Jung--also published another Brad Foster short story, "Everything's Connected," in August, 2014.  I'm grateful again to Ms. Jung.

I don't know when "Pink Lemonade" will be published, so I'll keep you updated.  Remember that OverMyDeadBody.com is a free fiction site (though it pays its authors, of course), and it publishes quality short mystery and detective fiction.  If you like the genre, please give it a shot.

Thanks again to Ms. Cherie, all the folks at OMDB! and, of course, to all my readers.  You all rule!


  1. Wow grats! That's great!!
    And they are a good site! After reading your last short story there, I've been browsing others - great place to browse 😸

    1. Thanks, Dreki! You're the best! Thanks for reading other stories on the site and supporting the people who publish me.