Friday, August 29, 2014

Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and American Horror Story Blogs

 Photo: Pic of Walking Dead characters, in various sweaty and paranoid poses.  From this website.

--There's still a few days to enter my free contest, tied in with my most recent paid-for and published short story, "Everything's Connected."  It's a very, very short piece. Description: "Everything's Connected," is about a detective who catches a cheating spouse in the act (sort of), solves a kid's disappearance, and proves a little theoretical quantum physics--all in just a few minutes!

It can be read in about five minutes, too.  Please go to this link to enter the contest and to read the story.  Thanks to everyone who has done so already.

--Just a quick notice that I will have a blog dedicated to Season 5 of The Walking Dead.  I'll change the title of the tab above to Season 5 when the season starts.  Please watch for the change.  A blog will appear after the Sunday, October 12, 2014 premiere.  Thanks to those who suggested that I do this.

There will be more consistent blog entries about it, too.  I decree this because of the tremendous number of people reading my admittedly so-so entries about Season 4.

Or maybe I was just tired.

--I will be blogging about this season's American Horror Story.  I hope this season is better than last.  Having said that, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates deserved their Emmys.  Especially Lange.  The irony of her wins is that, IMO, her best season--by far--was Season Two.  Which is the only season she hasn't won an Emmy on the show.  Go figure.  Her character was the ONLY reason to watch last season. If the season is as terrible as last year's was, I may cancel the blog as I did last year.  I just have to many things going on to watch a show that's not interesting anymore.  For example...

--I will also be blogging about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.  Thanks to those who suggested I do this, as well.  Please watch for a new tab to appear, above.  This won't happen until 4.30.2015.  Unbelievable, but so.

Between Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, which do you think is the best? What did you like, or NOT like, about that show's previous season? Click here to see why I thought last season's American Horror Story: Coven really, really sucked.

Click here to see my American Horror Story: Freak Show blog.  The entry for Episode 1, "Monsters Among Us," is up.  Let me know what you think!


  1. I must admit I only watch game of thrones, and even that's under protest lol (I grew up with a crush on Noah Taylor, so I had to check out the older version of him lol). It took until season 3 for me to start accepting it. Honestly I don't remember so many boobs in the books! So guess I will have to vote for it! What do you like about the other two?

    I was watching Headhunters, the norwegian movie of Nesbo's book. Anyhow the "baddie" in the movie was driving me insane cos he was so familiar - so I looked it up online. Turns out it was Jamie Lannister, but with a sexy accent lol! Game of thrones really is an international show!

  2. Yeah, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is his name, and he seems to be turning up everywhere lately. Turns out, he's been acting for a long time--just in things that were moderate successes. The movie "Mama" with Jessica Chastain comes to mind. (Jessica Chastain always comes to mind! :-) ) He also does a lot of European things, which Americans notoriously don't watch. (Most Americans tend to watch exclusively American movies.) I was telling someone recently that Game of Thrones is essentially T & A & violence--done to the Nth degree, with great acting and directing. The best of its sort, really--but still the best. Very entertaining and very sudden.

    I like the other two because...Well, American Horror Story because of the horror elements, though those were mostly absent this past season. I thought Season Two was sooooo good that it carried over to Season Three, although last season truly sucked. I watched it mostly because of Jessica Lange, who continues to shine in whatever role they put her in. As I mentioned, she was the only good thing about last season.

    The Walking Dead I like because of the storyline, acting, horror elements, and suddenness. The series is really incredibly well-written and well-acted, especially for its genre. In essence, it shouldn't be anything more than a zombie movie on TV--but it's so much more. And every week!

  3. Honestly I thought the last seasons of all three shows were weak. I agree completely about American Horror Story Coven. It started out decent enough and quickly grew into a mess. I'm looking forward to the next season involving Circus Freaks, but I'm hoping for some decent writing. It's Jessica Lange's last time on the show so that's reason enough to give it a go. Game of Thrones had some exciting moments and good deaths, but overall I didn't feel compelled to watch it every week. It was more like out of obligation. And as for The Walking Dead, my excitement over that show took a major nosedive after season 3's obsession with the Governor. My initial interest never quite recovered from that. Again I'll watch more out of habit than actual anticipation. But who knows? Maybe all three new seasons will shine brightly this fall (spring for GOT).

    Right now I'm on an Outlander kick so I'm not really thinking about any other series. True Blood has ended it's run and I'm not exactly sure why I continue to watch Under The Dome. It's like I invested so much in the show this summer I might as well finish the season out even if I gave up caring about it weeks ago.

    So in answer to your question, I think I'm most looking forward to American Horror Story. The great thing about that show is we don't know what to expect with it's new story, characters, and actors each season. It could turn out to be really creepy and awesome (though I don't think it could ever top Asylum).

    1. What a shame that it's Jessica Lange's last season! I hope she changes her mind. And I agree--Asylum will be tough to beat.