Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day--Jackson the Greyhound

Title says it all, right?  So in honor of National Dog Day, here are some pics of Jackson the Greyhound.

Which one's your favorite?  (You can click on the pics to make them bigger.)

Have your own blog or YouTube with your favorite dog pics or actions?  Feel free to say so below.

                                                                Rocky Point Jackson

Parking Lot Jackson

Ponderous Jackson

Angelic Couch Jackson

Happy Ascot Jackson

Grinning Jackson

Field Goal Jackson

Watching the Mailman Jackson

Cute Sniffing Jackson

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  1. Field goal Jackson has to be one of my favorites. Only he can look that comfy with his legs split in the air. I'm also a fan of grinning Jackson. He looks so content like he is happy just to be in the moment. It appears he's been living a happy life. Lucky dog!

    PS--I hope your short story contest is going well!

    1. Interesting choices. You're right--Both pics show contentedness more than they show anything else, even happiness.

      Thanks, Diane!

  2. Great pics! Field Goal Jackson is my favorite!

    1. Thanks, Mike. It's too bad that he can't lie like that anymore. I think it hurts his shoulders. I haven't seen him lie like that in maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years. ::sigh::

      Thanks for reading and responding!

  3. I still think that picture of him on the couch is absolutely adorable. He's such a sweet dog, and that pic really embodies it.

    1. Thanks, GirlinGlasses. By the word "still," I have to assume that I know you and you've seen the pic before. I have my guesses as to who this is...Could the identity involve The Catcher in the Rye?

      Regardless, thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I like the ascot picture lol - don't know why, it just seems cheeky! Though don't tell my cats, I'm prolly not supposed to like any picture! Hope he's feeling better

    1. Cheeky is a good word! Yeah, I've got tons of more cheeky pics...

      He is feeling better. Just a couple of hours ago he had his stitches removed--quickest procedure ever at his vet. Took maybe a minute.

      Thanks for sayin'--and, as always, thanks for reading and commenting!