Sunday, April 15, 2012

Houston, We Had A Problem

Hey, everyone, long time, no see.  I don't think I've ever taken a one-week break from this blog since I started it, never mind two weeks!  No excuse for not at least publishing a couple of entries, for God's sake, but I have to admit that the following things happened in a three-day span a few weeks ago, and they've kept me busy:

--Crunch-time at the job; lots of things due that had to be done right, and on-time.  I did both of those, but that takes a lot outta ya when you don't sleep for a few straight days.

--Consistent and pounding migraines, which drove me to an ENT specialist, then to other specialists.  An MRI or two later, no terrible news, but acupuncture, massage, meditation and medication, and simple body exercises were in order.

--Gutting the whole bathroom, and replacing the boiler, of another place I rent out.  This cost just over five-figures.

--My first shipment of the magazine came in.  Lots of meeting up with family members and old friends in the last few weeks so they could get a copy.  That was lotsa fun--and I have to admit that I bought a $15 hand-made, blue, white, red and silver pen (writes blue) to autograph the magazine with.  And I lost it at a restaurant, and a week later, found it again.

--Mucho writing and reading.  I mean, that's what THIS is all for, right?

--Other things happening with family and at home, and an overall feeling of being worn-out.  Very worn-out.


I'm back, feeling better, and ready to write more here, and the real stuff, and send more out, including a novel manuscript or two, and some nonfiction pieces, ready to get more and more stuff published, and :::insert Howard Dean rebel yell here:::

So thank you, everyone, for the kind emails you've sent, asking if I was okay.  (I was, mostly.)  And hello to my new fans, of the story, and/or of the blog.  Thanks for your patience and for hangin' in there with(out) me.

It's good to be back.


  1. Welcome back to blogsville! :) I dislike visits to the ENT very much so. Whenever I go there it means I'm in pain either with sinus, ear infections, or a sore throat. Which I tend to get all the time. :/ In any event, I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Sí que tienes un montón de escribir para hacer. (yes you have mucho writing to do!)

  2. Thanks! It's good to be back. My ENT is so awesome that a visit to him actually isn't that bad--it means that he's going to give me right answers and my problem will go away. A recent diagnosis and current treatment is a good example. A few women I work with know him. They call him Dr. McDreamy.