Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Open Submissions--For Money and for Free

A quick word out there for all writers with genre stories (especially horror, and specific horror) to sell: Key in words "open submissions" into Google and see what you get.  You'll find tons of anthologies looking for stories, which I never in a million years would've guessed.  Magazines, too, but anthologies by the ton.  Some want stories for free (ie--contributors copies), but I copied and pasted many that paid one cent a word or more.  If you're an unpublished beginner, getting an acceptance in an anthology for copies isn't that bad; if you've been published, you want to go for the money, even if it isn't much.  I'm going to send stuff to those, maybe, and I'm editing a piece right now for another anthology of a different sort.  Wish me luck on it!

I have two mystery short stories and a slice-of-life story that need a home, so I need to find time to send those out.  Maybe there are mystery anthologies out there looking for stories?  There's gotta be.

Thanks to Suzanne for opening my eyes to these.

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