Sunday, June 5, 2011

History, Politics and Casey Anthony

Photo: Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who looks more than a little like Lincoln.

--A recent program on The History Channel, "April, 1865," was fascinating.  Really, really well done.  The last few weeks of the Civil War, the killing of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, and the decisions made by Grant, Lee, Sherman, Johnstone and the Confederate General Johnstone was pitted with, and a few others.  These guys could've created American Armageddon if they'd wanted to, especially since the North wanted the South's corpse after Lincoln was shot.  I didn't think to gauge the end of the war with the end of other civil wars in my lifetime; but the program's makers were right: the peaceful end was rare in world history.  I'll watch it again.  Worth DVRing.

--Sarah could do with a little more History Channel viewing, right?  Look at her quotes again, and see how they're more about her opinion about bearing arms than they are about anything Revere did, or did not, say.

--Her insistence that she said nothing wrong was more ignorant than the things she actually said wrong.  She seems to suffer from George Dubya Disease: Never wrong; very misguided; has a tough time talking and sounding intelligent at the same time.  She's a double-barreled shotgun firing on one barrel.  Dangerous.

--Real life after a great weekend vacation is such a letdown that I can barely function.  Or maybe that's just the residual effect of the recent anesthesia.

--Speaking of which, Dr. Kevorkian just died.  Why wasn't that more newsworthy?

--I don't buy a single thing Casey Anthony or her defense has to say.  But I do believe that she was molested by somebody when younger--her father, or someone.  I'm no psychologist, but she seems to have many of the symptoms: excessive promiscuity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, lack of responsibility, sociopathic behavior, inability to sustain relationships, borderline personality, narcissism...But, of course, there is no excuse for what she allegedly did.

--Trials are never as exciting for real as they are on tv.  Lawyers aren't actors, after all.

--Having said that, I wouldn't want her lawyer.  That woman looks and sounds like she doesn't know what she's doing.  She objects every few seconds, but then can't articulate why she's objecting.  Which makes it look like she's desperate to defend a guilty client, in any way.

--Writing and research are going okay.  Back to it...

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