Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Randomness 10/23/12

 Photo: Jackson asleep on the couch.  A colleague said he looked "angelic" in this picture.  True dat.  What can you say when your dog is more photogenic than you are?

Been away for awhile again, this time because my dog's been very ill, to the extent that I had to bring him to the vet yesterday and he has to spend two, maybe three, days and nights there to recover.  He's got an infected pancreas, which sounds nasty to me.  Very treatable, they say, and he doesn't have a fever, which means the infection wasn't too bad, but he'd been vomiting a ton of times over the past few days.  So wish Jackson the Wonderdog well!

So a few random things on my mind lately:

--I'm as lazy as anyone.  (Well, actually I'm very hyperactive and always busy, but whatever.)  But I draw some kind of line.  Convenience is just a fancy word for laziness, and there's only so much convenience I can take.  I don't know exactly where the line is, but a lot of money at the cost of convenience/laziness is simply not something I'll allow myself.  (Heck, not even a little amount of money.)

So recently there were two instances on Pawn Stars that drove me crazy.  I temporarily misplaced lost my notes about one of them, so I can only speak about one.  For sale: a 1760 bell.  Very good condition; used to be someplace very important and historical.  (Forgot where.)  Anyway, the expert was called in, and he said that at an auction it would fetch at least $15,000.  At least!  So let's just say fifteen.  Auctions take fifteen to twenty percent of the sale price.  Ten percent of fifteen grand is fifteen hundred, so twenty percent is three thousand.  So now it's twelve grand.  Maybe there are taxes to pay; I don't know, but there'd be taxes to pay, theoretically, selling it to the Pawn Stars, too, so that's a wash.  Let's say that other fees, like shipping it to the closest good auction house (though he's already in Vegas!  He couldn't just drive it to an auction house in Vegas?!?) would bring the total take down to ten grand (and I'll bet the take would be closer to the twelve.)  And that's minimum, as the expert said at least fifteen grand.  Bottom line, then, is that at an auction, the seller could walk away with ten to twelve grand.

He sold it to the Pawn Stars for $7,200.  After the expert says that if the seller takes it to an auction, it would sell for fifteen grand, and so he'd walk away with at least ten to twelve thousand, he sells it to them for $7,200.  That's a loss, minimum, of $2,800, and probably more like $4,800.  Why?  Because he's standing in front of a buyer, right then and there.  Didn't want to make a few calls, and drive it or ship it anywhere--or wait.  That's just crazy.  Someone's got to explain this to me.

--Two girls, both twelve years old, were murdered this past week by someone as they were walking or riding a bike to a friend's house.  And a twenty-two year old woman in Oregon was killed by a man who punched through a window of her SUV, got in the car and killed her, dumped her body, used her phone and then dumped the phone (cell phones can be traced), and then left her car somewhere.  It's a sick world out there.

--I've heard weather experts say it's going to be a very cold winter around here.  I've also heard the same number say it'll be a warm winter, though not as warm as last year.  A warm winter actually means more snow around here, as it's too dry to snow when it's too cold.  I'll take the too cold anyday.  More snow means bad driving, more shoveling, less walking of the dog, which will lead to much more whining, and possibly paying a neighbor to plow my driveway if the snow gets crazy.  So here's to the cold--but no ice on the roads, please.  Hate that.

--If Romney wins, I don't want to hear it from the 47% he obviously doesn't care about.  In his head, he's the rich white man's president.

--During the last debate, his facial expressions ran the gamut between obvious lovey-dovey towards Obama, to looking like he was about to vomit, with the occasional greasy used car salesman thrown in.  Weird, sad and slimy, in turns.

--His chin and jowls are tucked; his hair is slicked; his chin got in a duel with Jay Leno and won; his smile is either slick, sick or frozen.  He's more superficial than flavored ice cream on the nip and tucked face and silicone lips of a bottled blonde with chest enhancements.  And he openly and honestly doesn't give a damn about at least 47% of the country.  Voting for him would still be less insane than voting for Bush, especially the second time, but it would still be insane, nonetheless, and if you believe his assertion that he's run businesses and so therefore he can run the country, then you must think that snuffing out a lit candle makes you a professional firefighter.

--You can break a mirror in one second, but it would take a ton of hours to fix every little piece of glass into the mirror frame.  And so it would obviously take more than four years to fix eight years of broken pieces.  In fact, it would take at least a generation.  We can't give that, but we can give four more.

--This is post #250 on this site.  I appreciate my audience.  Thanks for reading, everyone.


  1. I’m a fall/winter lover so I say bring on the cold! I do like the occasional snow storm, but as a full time pedestrian walking in the snow can be just as hazardous as driving in it. Okay maybe not, but it can still be treacherous. I’ve fallen more times than I care to remember. I fractured my left arm and hurt my tail bone right outside my front door once. I’ve also landed right on my noggin climbing a mountain of piled up snow on a street corner. So yeah, bring on the cold.

    Your Romney comparisons are quite amusing! But nobody can beat Jay Leno in a chin duel. He’s the master. Romney however can win out in the greasy car salesman category any day. He has snake written all over him. I try not to let politics get in the way of my friendships, but I closed my Facebook account a month ago due to the overwhelming political (mainly pro-Romney) posts and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Facebook should not be an outlet forum for such debates. I’m not one for trying to dissuade an opinion on heavy topics, but it doesn’t mean I have to read the insanity either.

    It is a sick world out there and I’m reminded of it every day...and it's not all happening in NYC which is the scariest part. As crime ridden as big cities are, I think they are sometimes safer due to the amount of people around all the time.

    There is no excuse for laziness when $15,000 is at stake unless they simply just don’t need the money that badly. It must be nice to have that level of comfort.

    All the best to Jackson and here’s hoping for a quick & successful recovery!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes for the dawg. Things have not gotten better, so I could use a lot more where that came from.

    The guy with the bell said he needed the money for something, I forget what, and he seemed happy as hell that the bell was worth so much. Rick's the one who'll make the money, about five grand if he sells it at an auction and not in his store. So instead of the first guy making twelve grand profit, Rick will make about five grand profit. That makes zero sense to me. Convenience and laziness.

    And I found the notes about the other one. A guy was selling a musketoon, valued by the expert for "...conservatively--ten to fifteen thousand dollars...maybe more if someone pays more...it's worth what someone's willing to pay for it." So, conservatively, ten to fifteen thousand, and the expert obviously strongly insinuated someone could conceivably pay twenty grand or more. Rick says he'll have to pay an auction house twenty percent, but, even if that's true, twenty percent of fifteen grand is three thousand, so the guy still pockets about twelve thousand dollars, and that's a fifteen thousand dollar value that's conservative. At twenty grand, he pays the auction house four thousand and pockets sixteen thousand dollars.

    He sells it to Rick for six thousand dollars.

    Drives you crazy.