Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank You

Photo: Dr. Julie Holland, from the Bio and C.V. page of her website, here.

Soon  to come on this post is a little (okay, a long) Q & A with the author of Weekends at Bellevue: Nine Years on the Night Shift at the Psych. ER, which I reviewed positively here, on this blog, and here, on Goodreads.  Dr. Holland was nice enough to see my review of her book and to send me a short email.  Not to let a good thing go unpunished, I asked for an interview.  She accepted, and I sent an obnoxiously long list of questions, which she was gracious enough--and fast!  Just over 24 hours!--to answer.  Her answers were very succinct and thorough.  The combination of my obnoxiously long list and her thorough answers made me decide to break the thing up, into two or three different entries.  So look for those, coming soon.  In the meantime, read her book.  I'm not just saying that to pander to a guest on my blog, either (though I am not above doing that, of course); it's a really good read.  Makes you want to write a memoir of your own.


  1. Having a best friend that worked in Bellevue as an art therapist, I'll have to make a gallant effort to reserve Dr. Holland's book at my library. Thanks for the tip!

  2. That must've been an interesting job. I know someone who wanted to be an art therapist. It ain't all Rorschachs, I'll bet. Your friend's job must be interesting and rewarding.

    1. She's teaching children now, which I'd assume is more emotionally rewarding. I thought the hospitality industry was draining - it's nothing compared to the medical field.