Saturday, August 27, 2011


Photo: Boy hiding from Hurricane Earl  (This is me, hoping Irene doesn't damage the cars, the deck, or all of my belongings.)

Batten down the hatches!  All hands on deck! 

Getting both homes ready for you-know-who.  No room in the garage for our cars, so we're rolling the dice with them in the driveway.  I hope NOT to have pictures to show.  Stay tuned.

Other home almost completely empty.  Job starts Monday.  I'm exhausted every day.  Over a grand already spent (or agreed to) on chimney, fireplace and central air repairs, and on (severe) landscaping.  Deck is next.

No reading or writing done lately.  Ditto on sleeping and eating.  And breathing.

Very rewarding, but also very...Just, very.  Very very.


  1. Oh, yeah. Power just came on today. We're throwing away maybe $150 of spoiled food, but at least we can finally move in to actual light. Finished moving in the day after the storm hit. The place I left had power days before I got it back here, but the new tenants had started moving in by then. Hey, at least I didn't get a tree straight through my house, which happened nearby. The street beside me and a home just five houses away both caught fire, too. I'm out a few hundred bucks and majorly inconvenienced, nothing more.

    How did you guys fare?

  2. We were pretty much unscathed. P's parents were a bit scared... they had never even heard of a "hurricane" before, and all of a sudden one was heading in their direction. Sunday was my birthday, but we celebrated by keeping inside and watching the weather channel. No power outages, a few tree branches down around the neighborhood. I'll take that over the major flooding my dad has in Southern Vermont!