Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery--Jonathan Kellerman

I've read every Kellerman, even his nonfiction stuff, like Savage Spawn, and I have to say that his Alex Delaware series now is suffering from the series disease--nothing new to say; no new ways to say it.  I figured out the ending in advance here, as I have with many of his lately, unless the denouement purposely came out of left field.  Every now and then a series writer will strike gold with a late addition to his series, as Robert Parker did with his second April Kyle book, but Mystery is not one of those for Kellerman.  In fact, it hits home more as a depressing look at the bimbos who have to sell themselves in every way possible in L.A., and those who mind it (the victim) and those who don't (the two women at the end).  The victim, it was said, was beautiful, radiant and gorgeous, sexy even when sad, but then she got her face blown off, literally, and later we learn that she did everything it's possible to do with a body.  And one woman, at the very end, is elated when she tells her friend that she spent a night in a hotel room with BOTH of their Sugar Daddies, and the other woman is aghast that she was not invited.  It's a Mystery why I read these anymore, but I'll read the next one, and the one after that.  I've read 'em all, so I can't stop now.  At least it's a quick read, as I read the whole thing in one night, maybe 3 to 3 1/2 hours.  But that just shows you how predictable the writing was, as well.  It's sounding more and more pugnacious and judgmental, too, but I suppose they always were.  Still waiting for the gold nugget late in this series.

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