Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Literary Quests

Special thanks to Jodi Milner--at including me in her Feature Friday series, and for publishing one of my posts on her website.  Go see her blog.  She has recently published her 300th blog entry, and there's a reason for that: her blog is awesome!  Her site's gotten more hits than the dark side of the moon (more hits than my right cheek during my dating years; more hits than the reputation of yesterday's celebrities; more hits than...okay, I'm done) and it has many sections for reference, including: Good Blog Reads, Places to Submit, Resources, Writers Cafe Blog (a group which she and I are members of on LinkedIn), Online Publications, Quickly Quotables, and more.

I continue to get work done on my novel(s); I will continue to wake at 5ish in the morning.  My thought now is: If I can do it during the workweek, why not on the weekends?  Write in the morning, mow the lawn in the later morning (so as not to wake the neighbors, or my better half), read in the breezy afternoon, hit the city at night for dinner...Sounds good to me.

I'm currently reading Steven Pressfield's The Legend of Bagger Vance and his The War of Art (which started all this), as well as The Secret (you can stop laughing now), H.P. Lovecraft's Letters, and God knows what else.  I spent a few hours reading outside today in a gorgeous, low- to mid-70s, sunny day, and now I'm typing this, eating two green apples with a small glass of wine, and about to watch the Sox game.  What's better than that?

Onward and forward...

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