Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wireless Stuff, H.P. and Losing My Mind

I feel like a little randomness is in order.  Lots of separate thoughts running around in here that need to come out, so here we go:

--I just bought a wireless keyboard and mouse because my mouse had just died, and buying both was only about six bucks more than buying the mouse.  Result: I'm lovin' this.  Smoother keys and mouse, and no wires!  I'm currently typing this on a wireless keyboard on my lap, my feet stretched out on my desk, and it's so comfortable!  No awkward angles with my wrist and fingers; much more relaxed...Maybe this is the breakthrough my writing needed to really take off.  Ya never know...

--I'm going to buy the five or six volumes of H.P. Lovecraft's letters.  The ones I have read were very interesting.  He had a lot to say about a lot of stuff, and there'd be no better window, maybe, into the mind of the weird than through this man.  I'll somehow have to deal with the rampant racism when I see it.

--My local used bookstore is consistently closing at 6 when the sign and website say it closes at 7 on Thursdays.  If you're gonna close early, change those.  I drove 2.6 miles out of my way for nothing.  (For my readers from out of state, I don't expect you to understand.)

--This keyboard seems to want me to use the downward arrow key rather than the return key.  Yes, master.

--Now it doesn't.  Weird.

--I've been so unfocused lately, that I'm reading Mary Karr's Lit, several nonfiction vampire books and other stuff for my novels, H.P. Lovecraft's short stories, and God knows what else, all at once.  This is a lot even for me.  I've got to get my head screwed on straight.

--Today I forgot to take my sinus meds and had to come back home to take them.  First time in all my years of taking them.

--Every blog I read that's written by a writer complains about the lack of writing that person does.  Mine is no exception.  I used to be driven and edgy and raw, and I'd write (with varying levels of quality) all the time.  Now I've gotten soft because of my career, home, etc.  I miss that verve and I want it back.  NOW.

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